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Research and Development


Automating the hard tasks out of boning room operations
MACPRO abt design and manufacture a range of specialist mechanical deboning machines, developed to provide meat processors increased competitive advantage.
  • low labour requirements
  • lower skill levels required
  • high yield
  • high quality boneless product
  • eliminate many tasks with a high poten-
    tial for injury to workers
  • accept a wide range of product size
    and condition
  • enhance process and product versatility
  • safe and simple to operate
  • minimal product preparation required
  • easy to clean
  • robust, hygenic and functional in design
    and construction
  • modular machines built for deboning
    primals - each stand-alone yet comple-
    mentary in a system
MACPRO is established as the leader in the auto-
mation of deboning operations and is committed to providing the best deboning technology, in terms of product quality and yield, machine quality and customer service.

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